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1 Haphines association – Haphfins

HAphfins students association


Yabba dabba doo, Is haphfins in you?

Haphfins is the fastest-growing Pan-India student association with a vision of “A New India and A New World”. 🇮🇳

We are here to listen, share, feel, admire, conquer, inspire, believe and connect.📈

We are here to teach you “How one can be a job creator instead of job seeker”💡

What’s in it for you? 🙌🏻
▶️Join LIVE event series with inspiring speakers and CEOs.
▶️Access job opportunities, placement & internships.
▶️Get virtually connected to students from over 200+ colleges.
▶️Funding for startups.
▶️Scholarship opportunities and Free eBooks.
▶️GD and debate session with various students across the globe.
▶️Communication skills and personality development.
▶️Career guidance and mentorship.
▶️CEO shadow program.
▶️Parties, gateways and trips with all the haphfins family members.

Join one of the largest student networks for a positive impact! 💪🏻

And the best part is you will be getting all of this for FREE FOR THE FIRST YEAR IF YOU SIGN UP NOW!

We have passion, yes we do
We get success, what about you?🔥